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My earliest memory of riding on a bicycle is sitting on a baby seat attached to the top tube of my fathers' BSA SLR with dynamo powered lights. Since then bicycle riding has been part of me at different stages of my life. Since my early days, I stayed outdoors (rain or shine) for most part of the day except sleeping, school or work. With bicycle touring, I enjoy being a full-time outdoor rat. I pedal a Surly Disc Trucker, haul a Thule Chariot Cross trailer, huff-puff during mountain ascents, wave to passing vehicle drivers, click pictures and parentese, all at the same time.


I grew up in Mumbai as a city boy and had a very stereotypical school life , however I loved, enjoyed and was serious about playing different outdoor sports during various stages of my life. During my undergrad days, inspite of being outdoors for most part of the day, with the very little time spent in class,  I developed a love and fascination for understanding how analog / digital circuits function and how we can connect them together to design larger chips with useful functionality. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to spend a big chunk of my 20s working towards my PhD.   This is my first time going on a relatively longer term travel journey, however like any of my previous explorations, I am loving the experiences, learnings and in the process making many memories.  

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