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Bicycle touring southbound from Alameda,CA

Hello folks,

This is the first blog post on our bicycle journey. I am writing it from a tiny town of 10,000 people in El Rosario, Baja California Norte, Mexico. We started from our home in Alameda,CA on March 5th and plan to continue biking towards La Paz, through the beautiful, remote and sparsely populated part of Baja. It has been a wonderful experience and great bonding time for Aparna, Dharma and me. Warm wishes to everyone and stay safe.

It has been challenging to keep a journal, write our thoughts down and update this website in the midst of our vagabonding lifestyle. Although it has been special to travel with a 1 and half year old, we realize it is a lot of hard work too. We figured the most efficient/least effort way to share our experience with friends and family is via Instagram. If you are curious, please look up on "" instagram handle. Aparna has been using it as "latergram".

When we have more leisurely time on our hands we look forward to writing a more detailed reflection on our journey and hopefully add more value to future bicycle enthusiasts.

We hope the world recovers soon and we get to travel more beyond the US and Mexico.



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May 08, 2020

This is phenomenal, wishing you guys a great trip <3 You are living it up!!

Jayaram Natarajan
Jayaram Natarajan
Feb 23, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Shubra.

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