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Our Bike Tour : Resting in oasis town of Mulege

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We are sure this message finds you well. We are writing to share some pictures and information of our ongoing travel experience. 

After several months of preparation, in January 2020 we left our jobs, February, we made a rough skeleton of our route, put our belongings in storage and March we packed our panniers. On March 5th (at long last) we started riding from our home in Alameda with two fully loaded bicycles and a baby trailer. It has been 2 months of being on the road and a wonderful family experience we are excited to share with you. After starting with 5 days plans, we soon realized day-to-day decisions works the best and gives us the flexibility of time and space :). The uncertainty adds to the thrill and is also part of the learning process. 

Having pedaled 1300 miles from home with a cumulative ascent of about 36,000 feet and equal descent, we are writing to you from the beautiful oasis town of Mulege, Baja California Sur along Mar de Cortez in Mexico. Starting with the grueling Santa Cruz mountains and moving onto the mind-blowing views at Big Sur, California, crossing the arid/zero-shaded but gorgeous deserts in Baja California North and Baja California Sur at 100oF, the feeling has been both humbling and self-empowering. We have experienced amazing hospitality all along, especially from people in small towns of Baja in Mexico. We will be stationed in Mulege for about a month to rest and spend time by warm waters. We all are enjoying our dip everyday into the Mulege river and occasional walks and leg dippings in the water.

Will share more stories soon.


Aparna and Jayaram


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