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Our Bike Tour : Part 2


After cycling through the vast, expansive deserts and long coastline of Baja California, we are sharing some experiences from our continued bicycle journey. Considering the weather, elevation and all that is happening around, our route has taken us through the heart-lands of mainland Mexico. From the 16th century Spanish settlements, mining towns in the state of Guanajuato, winding through the gorgeous rainforests of Sierra Gorda (fat mountains) in the states of Queretaro & San Luis Potosi (SLP) and rejuvenating in the crystalline waterfalls of Hausteca Potosina, we have many stories and memories to share. We continue to document our journey with short write-ups, pictures and videos on instagram (link), also available through our website (link).

From our experiences on the road, one message comes out loud : 'people with less have more to offer out of sheer willingness and no expectation in return'. We realize that age, gender, physical and financial ability, family size, shortage of time and (feeling of) certainty in any other form are parameters that limit us from exploring our freedom and potential. Some inspiring stories include: a couple who retired at 60, sold their grocery store, home and have been bicycling around the world for the last 8 years. People jogging and roller-skating with a trailer attached to their waist, going from Alaska to Argentina. Couples who have expanded their family on the road and continue to bicycle around with their kids. The stories only get more exciting and intriguing.

As we celebrate our six months anniversary of the bicycle tour, we have started to feel more certain about the uncertainties of our day-by-day lives. Dharma has been the best trooper who has adapted to everyday changes in home, food/sleep schedule, new faces and weather conditions with much more grace than either of us two adults. If interested, please take a look at our interview (link) with an early childhood educator and counselor who was interested about our life by cycle with a little one.

We are currently taking a break in Xalapa-Coatepec-Xico areas in Veracruz, while we figure out logistics around the next phase of our journey. Each day we spend, we continue to be embraced by the Mexican culture, food, ever-growing hospitality (especially love for children), the diverse landscape and natural beauty of this amazing country. We plan to cycle around for a few more months and look forward to sharing more about this journey. Attached are a few pictures.

Love and warmth,

Dharma, Aparna and Jayaram

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